The peoples of the surface call it the Great Dark and they have good reason to fear it for here monsters dwell in rare abundance. Your fellow drow call it the Azathyr (meaning “the web”) – the vast network of tunnels and labyrinth passages that span the sunless underworld. You call it home.

Banished from the city-state of Taaryssia as children, you have spent your formative years, forsaken and forgotten living in the small outpost on the very edge of drow influence known as Vothys under the ‘care’ of Lady Sevastia.

Only time will tell if you will fulfill your destinies as lords of the Azathyr and seize for yourselves a throne in the darkness.

This D&D 5E campaign is based around the adventures of septuplets born on the seventh day of the seventh month. To some your birth was seen as a sign from the seven demon lords who hold increasing sway over drow society; to others you were seen as an affront to the weakening power of Lolth.

This page contains some basic information about the campaign setting:

Character Creation


Daily Life in the Azathyr

Upper Azathyr

The Five Houses

Dark Lords of the Azathyr