Home Sweet Home
Vothys is the very edge of drow power within the Azathyr. It was built centuries ago to hold the strategic Pit of Hezzarian so that incursions from the surface would be more difficult. Seismic activity seemed to have closed off the surface openings within the Fungal Jungle and Upper Anathyr, therefore the strategic usefulness of Vothys was now negligible and it was largely forgotten.

The Watchtower of Vothys is used now primarily to banish troublesome nobles who the rulers of Taaryssia want out of the city but are too well connected to merely execute Still, it may seem odd that Vothys is located neither at the Fungal Jungle nor at the Pit of Hezzarian. The truth is that when the drow first came to the upper Azathyr, a pair of nobles decided there were two major goals the tower needed to accomplish. The fortress needed to both secure the Pit of Hezzarian and allow for the exploitation of the Fungal Jungle. Their conflict over which was more important caused Vothys to be put directly beside neither but instead in the middle – truly the sort of solution that only a committee could endorse. It is two days travel from the Pit and a week’s travel from the Fungal Jungle. In short, it accomplishes neither role particularly well.

What it does accomplish is choke off access to the Lower Azathyr from the upper regions.

Map of Vothys

Locations of Vothys

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