Blessings And A Curse

The purpose of these options is to provide inspiration or guidance when creating your character. Feel free to select one of the options below or create your own.

Flesh Gourmand
Unknown to any one you have developed an appetite for living flesh, perhaps you view it as a path to power, gaining the essence of other beings, maybe you just like the taste. You can eat the flesh of living creatures to heal (and potentially other advantages), however your appetite is constantly increasing and threatening to consume you. Additionally there may be further negative effects and if your tendencies were to become known it may cause issues in some social situations.

Jealous Treasure
Perhaps you discovered it on one of your rare journeys into the Azathyr or maybe it was given as a reward. Regardless of how you came to it you have in your ownership a minor magic item (to be discussed with DM, perhaps a +1 weapon, a high level scroll etc). Some of the drow within Vothys are aware of your precious treasure and even now are hatching schemes to steal it from you.

You begin the game with a personal slave that has skills in a specific area (for example cooking, alchemy, combat, smithing, spying). This slave may be of a race of your choosing (likely candidates are duergar, deep gnome, quaggoth but almost any race should be fine). As a general rule Lady Sestavia has been quite restrictive for the most part in allowing any of you to own personal slaves. You were able to receive permission but as a result now are at Lady Sevastia’s beck and call.

Thanks to a special connection a particular type of denizen of the Azathyr, you are regarded as one of their own. As a result you have a number of benefits in your interactions with these types of creatures (DM discretion). This same connection seems to have a signficant negative effect on another type of creature.

As above but this relates to a specific race that inhabits the Azathyr.

Man of the People/Noble’s Favourite
You have gained the trust and respect of the common drow of Vothys at the expense of the nobles looking down at your peasant associations.

Alternatively you treat the common drow of Vothys with even greater than normal disrespect earning the high opinion of the nobles.

The Great Lover
You have thrived as a student under (sometimes literally) the ministrations of one of the personal courtesans (Tyvonne, Bethar’a or Jarela) of Lady Sevastia. Those that enter your bedroom are easily manipulated (bonus of DM discretion to certain skill checks to those you bed) however if Lady Sestavia was ever to learn of your secret visits to her prized paramours you fear to learn the consequences.

The Torture(d) Art
To relive the boredom of daily life in Vothys you find yourself returning time and time again to Gorval. While most drow double in the occasional piece of torture, Gorval is an artist. You have learnt the art of pain and tested the extents of what various racial physiologies are capable of (bonus of DM discretion when torturing or performing for crowds), however your art has also extended to your body and you have performed significant facial and/or body modification on yourself which may impact some interactions and how you are viewed in social situations.

Blessings And A Curse

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