The Denizens of Vothys

Lady Satha Sevastia
Satha is not what she once was, a prodigy of House Sevastia who was rumoured to be in the running to be Matron, she is now a shadow of the brilliant shooting star she was in Taaryssia and even a faded light from what she once was here in Vothys.

Dealing very poorly with her exile, the almost 100 years she has now spent as Baroness of Vothys have taken her toll. In the time you have been here you have noticed her continual decline, she is now at the point where most of her time is spent in a drug infused stupor.

Even an addled Satha is a force to be reckoned with however, her centuries dealing with intrigue in the courts of Taaryssia and mastery of magic and blade still maintain an iron grip on the title and lands of the Upper Azathyr.

Hestia Sevastia, Former Consort
Distant cousin of Lady Sevastia
At the last feast embarrassed her so is now on the outs
Recently given the “honor” of being in charge of the guard for the northern entrance of the Fungal Jungle.

Rius Valsharess
Smooth talker.
Fondness for duergar men.

Andaria Sevastia, Alchemist
Exiled at the same time with her half-sister Lady Sevastia, she was once very devoted to her but of late that relationship seems to be fading.
Sadist – her greatest joy is to watch beings die from her poisons.
Obsessed with the various plant life of the Fungal Jungle and constantly experimenting.

Zethra Sevastia
Cousin to Satha and fanatically devoted, most of you suspect she is deeply in love with Lady Sevastia.
Significant drug addiction issues.
Deadly with her knives.

Gorval Zel’Karez, Torturer
Probably Vothys’ most loathsome inhabitant, Gorval Harak spends most of his time performing his art within his torture chamber located in the main tower. Equipped with racks, manacles, braziers, a collection of knives and even more horrific implements, his torture chamber can “service” four guests at a time.

Tethyr Quoll, Captain of the Guard
For a hundred and seventy years, Captain Tethyr Quoll has kept Vothys secure for far Taaryssia. Unlike most of the drow here, he was not banished but born in the Commoner’s Town. He raised himself to his current station by slaying everyone who got in his way.

Is fiercely devoted to Vothys and its common drow inhabitants, though you suspect this fondness does not extend to the nobles nor its leader.

A master swordsman, his skills with the rapier and veteran experience position him as one of the greatest warriors of Upper Azathyr and certainly the strongest in Vothys, second only to Lady Sevastia herself.

Tyvonne Sevastia, Bethara Jezrael and Jarela Sevastia – The Lady’s Courtesans
Vapid, cruel, drug using hedonists that spent most of their time in the Lady’s quarters.

The Denizens of Vothys

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